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uPVC Window

Multi - Chamber profile of high impact strength & special reinforement.  More


uPVC Doors

Windows2000 upvc door system using top grade materials withstand  More



Complete Protection against insects.More


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3 chamber system More


uPVC Doors

Windows2000 uPVC Door system use top grade materials that withstand extreme weather conditions. This is with resistence and easy maintainance design.  The Door System of Windows2000 uPVC are designed to withstand  extreme conditions. With little maintanance, the lustre could be maintained  for years to come.

uPVC Doors have various advantages over other doors, since they are waterproof, Termite Proof, Fire Retardant, Economical, No Wharping, Maintenance free and requires little or no maintancance.

uPVC Doors  are easy to install and are available in various colours and  shades, no hassles of Painting & Polishing. Thus eliminating the need for regular painting and polishing.

The Door Systems Manufactured and Installed by Windows2000 at various locations in Oman over the period of 10 years have demonstrated the features and has the new look as when installed.

Windows2000 provide our customers end to end solutions that includes Measurement of the site, Feedback regarding designs, Extrusion, Fabrication, Installation & Post Sales Service and many more after sale services.


Windows2000 door system using top grade materials withstand extreme weather resistance and easy maintenance design. (The Lustre will be maintained for many years to come) Residential door has always fulfilled much more than a simple room function. It conveys the personality of the home, just as faces reveal the character of a person.

A door should protect us from heat, cold, noise and burglary. Building structure performance has attained a level never reached before. During renovations, uPVC doors are not newly installed just because they lend a more aesthetically pleasing look; functional reasons are just as important. Every Windows2000  residential door system brings many advantages to the home and offices.


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