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uPVC Window

Multi - Chamber profile of high impact strength & special reinforement.  More


uPVC Doors

Windows2000 upvc door system using top grade materials withstand  More



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Sectional Details

3 chamber system More

The Compound and Micro ingredients

85% of this mixture,commonly referred to as compound is PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) 


    Heat Stabilizers Ti02
    Impact Modifiers Pocess  Aids
    Pigments UV stabilizers
    Ti02 fillers

NAME                      uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) 


Acrylic modified high quality impact resistant,white unplasticised polyvinyl chloride material with multi chambered extrusion,in accordance with DIN 7748(79) PART 1 & RAL - STANDARD RAL -92716/1 

FM DIN 7748-PVC-U,EDL-082-35-28 

U = unplasticised 
E = Extrusion Material
D = Powder
According to static calculation and usage 


Homogeneously welded 

RAL-G-Z 716/1 DIN EN 514 BS-7413 


The double sealed window design( inside and outside weather stripping) along with the reinforced multi chambered profile results in excellent sound insulation.DIN 4109 typically reduction value is Rw. 30 dB-42 dB (based on 6/12/6 double glazed unit)  The level of insulation will mainly depend on window types (i.e tilt and turn or sliding or fixed etc.), composition of the glass used, size and location of the window , and can vary accordingly.”

The Thermal insulation value is an important factor to save energy for heating and air conditioning.The multi chambered profile have an U-Values range between 6.0-1,0 W/m2k where the smaller value is the better one.The K-value of U-PVC is 0.16 W/m 0C.(0.138 Kcal/m h 0C) 


The wind resistance is tested in accordance with BS 5368:PART 3,EN 77.The maximum allowed defection is V300 or 8mm between two edges of an insulating glass unit .Gust of wind is repeated test (50 times) at + 1000 Pa. for classification "C". there shall be no permanent residual deformation,damage of functional defects. The wind resistance mainly depend on window types (i.e tilt and turn or sliding or fixed etc.) and size of widow.” 


“The Water tightness is tested in accordance with BS 5368 PART 2,EN 86.there will be no leakage at a certain wind pressure,amount of sprayed water and duration .The water tightness in the window will mainly depend on window types (i.e tilt and turn or sliding or fixed etc.) and size of window and direction of gust and can vary accordingly.Typical classification for tilt and turn is group B and C,300 and 600 Pa. This is also classified as per EN 12208 :1999

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